Women can not lack these nutrients, notice the nutritional needs of women of all ages!

Women are an essential group in the society, but they need to experience menstruation, pregnancy, consumption and menopause in their life, so they only need to ensure sufficient nutrient capacity to support the weak body. Women of every age have different needs for nutrients, and they wish to be appropriately supplemented.

What nutrients should women not be deprived of?

  1. Unmarried women without children

Women need to face the monthly menstruation, the current will bear birth and breastfeeding. However, due to work, study and survival needs, it is necessary to ensure adequate intake of iron, vitamin A and lutein. Iron is an essential secondary component of hemoglobin, but also the auxiliary base of a variety of enzymes, to participate in a variety of physiological metabolism, once the figure of iron deficiency, is bound to lead to coarse skin and lack of elasticity. Iron can be obtained from plant blood, liver, fish, and lean meats, with vitamin C foods to help iron sink. Vitamin A can maintain abnormal reproductive performance and abnormal endocrine function, and also maintain epithelial cell growth and differentiation, ineffective maintenance of the skin and mucous membranes, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. Get vitamin A from plant liver, milk and cod liver oil, and eat carrots, mangoes, pumpkins and papayas. Female work elements need to use a computer or mobile phone for a long time, so need to care for the eyes, the eye macula contains lutein, the light into the eye, a local blue light will be lutein row sink, aggravating the damage to the eye, but also to clear the light produced by the free base. Just eat more foods that contain lutein, which can lower the concentration of lutein in the blood. Add lutein to the macula, so you can eat more bell peppers, broccoli, eggs, pumpkins and dark green vegetables to get lutein.

  1. Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant need to take care of both of their nutrients, late pregnancy should focus on carbohydrates, folic acid and DNA. Carbohydrates can provide energy for the body, and participate in bringing forth the new. When the body is short of carbohydrates, fatty acids can not be oxidized, resulting in too many ketones, and even cause ketoacidosis, affecting the fragmented development of fetal nerves. Fetal cell proliferation, tissue growth and development are inseparable from folic acid, and appropriate folic acid supplementation in late pregnancy can prevent fetal brain and neural tube malformations, which can be obtained from plant liver, peanut spinach, eggs, walnuts and soybeans. DHA is an essential fatty acid that, when lacking, can affect the formation of brain cells and can be found in deep-sea fish, flaxseed oil and Perilla oil. Minerals such as calcium, iodine and zinc should be taken during the second trimester of pregnancy. Calcium is an essential mineral for bones and can be obtained from dairy, legumes and green leafy vegetables, as well as vitamin D. At about 14 weeks of pregnancy, the thyroid gland of the fetus begins to produce thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone participates in the growth of glial cells, brain blood supply and nerve fragmentary performance. If iodine deficiency in pregnant women is bound to reduce the decomposition of thyroid hormone. Zinc can affect the structure and performance of nerve fragments. lack of zinc is bound to affect the physical and mental health of children, making them unstable, prone to hyperactivity and cognitive impairment. Early in pregnancy, take proper B vitamins, dietary fiber, and iron.

3, menopausal women

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Comfort reminder:

Women this life is not easy, must be a good love oneself, proper arrangement of diet, ensure nutrient balance and one-sided intake, can not have picky food and partial food bad habits.

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