What should I do if my hands are frozen

What should I do if my hands are frozen

  1. How to do if your hands are frozen

1.1, the use of massage treatment in chilblain red swelling parts, rub, rub, press, light first, then heavy, to promote the swelling dissipation. Do this for 10 minutes 2-3 times a day. Do not use fingers to scratch when massage, so as not to damage the skin and cause ulceration.

1.2, the treatment of mild chilblains, in the frostbite red and swollen parts of the paste injury wet pain-relieving plaster, can play a role in shujinhuoxue, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, so that the blood circulation is improved, but also has a certain role in warm. Pain-relieving ointment is commonly changed 1 times in two days. Chilblain is heavy and affected place already broken person, cannot use this method.

What should I do if my hands are frozen

1.3 In order to prevent the recurrence of chilblains in the next winter, the following methods can be tried in summer to carry out preventive treatment in the prone parts of chilblains.

1.3.1 Take a single head of purple garlic, peel and mash it, put it in the hot sun for 1 hour, then wipe the affected area, avoid water on the affected area during treatment, 3-4 times a day, even 4-5 days.

1.3.2 Take 10 fresh sesame flowers and rub them on the skin of the affected area for about 20 minutes each time. Let the flower juice stay on the affected area and then wash them with water one hour later. (3) Take 500 grams of pepper stalk, boil it in an iron pot, and wipe the affected area with its liquid once a night for 5-7 days.

2, what is the cause of hand cold

Frostbite is a mild local skin frostbite that occurs on the back of the hands, fingers, heels, toes, ears, cheeks and nose tips and other exposed areas, and is prone to recurrence in the same area year after year. Light local red, slightly warm, itchy and painful.

3, the treatment of chilblain folk prescription

3.1 One egg, boil, remove the outer skin and egg white, leave the egg yolk, put in the iron spoon, gently roast until butter precipitation, cool for later use, when using the external application of the affected area can be.

3.2 Take pepper and wheat seedlings in a ratio of 1:2 to chop and mix, add water and boil for 3 minutes, remove residue, while hot with cotton dipped in liquid wash affected area, once a day. Such as foot frostbite, can soak feet for 10 minutes, this method is used for chilblains not broken.

3.3. Roast the cotton into fine powder and apply it to the affected area once a day. This method is especially effective for chilblains.

3.4, the winter temperature is low, many people often have chilblain, swollen hands and feet painful, and itchy uncomfortable, the existing partial can think you relieve the pain: take sheep oil with fire roast melt, coated with chilblain, there will be a slight pain, which shows that the drug effect, adhere to coated for a week can be cured. In June of the following year, the chilblain will not regenerate after rubbing with ginger.

Hand frozen what to eat good
1, walnuts,

Walnut kernel is rich in vitamin E and phospholipid, can enhance cell activity, promote hematopoietic function, improve appetite. Walnuts are rich in carbohydrates that produce high calories. Eating them in winter can increase body heat, keep warm and keep warm. It is one of the very good cold food, especially suitable for people who lose weight, and has a very good effect on reducing cholesterol, preventing arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

What should I do if my hands are frozen

2, chili

Pepper can stimulate appetite, promote digestion, can make the heart beat faster, telangiectasia, flow to the body surface of the blood increase, so the winter to eat a bit of pepper can resist cold. It can also prevent joint pain, backache and stomach chills caused by dampness, but this cold food is not everyone’s cup of tea.

3, lamb

Mutton is rich in fat, protein, carbohydrates, inorganic salts and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It has the effect of warming and tonifying deficiency, appetizing spleen, nourishing kidney and nourishing liver, keeping out cold and removing dampness. It has been recognized as a food for keeping out cold in winter, as well as the effect of nourishing Yang.

How to prevent hand to freeze

  1. Wash your hands in hot water

Never wash your hands in cold water when it’s cold. It’s easy to frostbite your hands! Xiaobian advice, try to wash your hands with hot water, and after washing your hands, you need to dry them immediately, which can effectively prevent hand freezing.

What should I do if my hands are frozen

  1. Don’t leave your hands exposed for long

In the cold, xiaobian suggest you do not ride a bicycle or motorcycle, this kind of transportation is easy to frostbite hands! Even if you really want to ride, you should also buy very warm gloves, at least to block the wind, reduce the opponent’s injury!

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