Pay attention to, the woman uterus is bad figure can present these 5 kinds of changes, do not improper one and the same thing!

The uterus is particularly important for women, and it is closely related to women’s reproductive ability. And in the present many due to do not pay attention to incur uterine damage, also let the body has relevant symptoms. So women should pay attention to, after understanding and look at my figure, in the discovery of symptoms timely adjustment, ability to restore abnormal uterus.

What symptom can woman uterus bad figure present?

1, get fat

When the heat of the uterus is excess, the body can run improperly in order to root function, it will hoard excess fat to assist in maintaining heat. Palace cold symptom is more remarkable, the adipose quantity that place hoards is more, can make figure gets fat step by step. So be on the lookout for signs of continued appetite gain and continued weight gain in a short time.

  1. Strong hair

There are a lot of people do not know, the female figure is stimulated by female operation, and when the hormone secretion disorder, will lead to male hormone increase, body hair exuberant. Specifically, when the uterus presents results, endocrine abnormalities lead to polycystic ovary syndrome. The attack of this disease will make hair grow all the time, especially pubic hair, and polycystic ovary syndrome will affect women’s reproductive ability.

3, leucorrhea strange

Leucorrhea is also a constitution of reproductive fragmentary results, if the female leucorrhea is abnormal, it is clear without impurities, but if the uterus presents results, there may be a amount of multicolor attack torsion, perhaps showing blood leucorrhea. Especially when there is cervicitis, cervical cells will secrete too much purulent material, so that the vaginal secretion increases and there are abnormalities.

Cold hands and feet

If the female uterus is cold invasion of the most common symptom is cold hands and feet, their tongue coating is light red, and afraid of cold than ordinary people, and in the usual love to eat all kinds of spicy comfort food, it is easy to feel that I have no body without strength.

5, menstrual disorders

Menstrual time is not stable, menstrual blood may become more or less, and even before menstruation there will be increased leucorrhea, breast pain and other symptoms, these few are affected by the womb. In addition, the presence of uterine fibroids, will lead to increased menstrual volume or menstrual extension.

How do women maintain their uterus in daily life?

The uterus is prone to emotional, environmental, diet and other effects, so give up good mood, to prevent emotional shaking, at the same time to give up the rule of diet, more intake of cellulose, vitamins, protein food, at the same time to prevent myself long time in the environment of high harmless substances, the uterus can give up abnormal.

Comfort reminder:

If a woman wants to maintain her uterus, she needs to pay more attention to her normal life, improve her survival form through diet and give up her emotions to keep her uterus in a weakened state. In addition, we should know to prevent too much uterine operation, will lead to uterine damage and induce diseases, especially abortion.

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