How to purify the head lice of child

Children with lice is one of the most serious things, especially for parents, this is undoubtedly a big worry, xiaobian to give parents a trick.

Since the relapses transmitted by lice are a worldwide disease, the pathogen of this disease is a spirochetes. Lice live for about six weeks, and each female lays about ten eggs a day, which cling firmly to human hair or clothing. About eight days small lice hatched, and immediately bite people to drink blood. After about two to three weeks, three molts will produce adult worms. Lice live their whole lives as parasites. People can spread from one another through contact. The spread of relapses is that after it bites, the bite part is very itchy, when people scratch it hard, they will squeeze lice, and the pathogen in its body fluids is brought into the bite wound with itchy, and people get sick at this point. The best way to prevent relapsing fever is to eliminate lice; If we bathe regularly with hot water and soap, change clothes frequently, and pay attention to environmental hygiene, we will not get lice. If have long lice, can use medicine to kill. Clothes with lice can be boiled. Shave your hair if there are lice in it.

Lice removing lotion is extracted from natural Chinese herbal plant essence. It is non-toxic and does not harm the skin. It is a necessary disinfection and lice removing product for families. Lice are our common pests, not only can live in the corner of the home, bed and clothing can be parasitic on the body. However, many products on the market are aimed at lice, but contain chemicals that kill them, so lice cream was developed. It can be safely used by housewives and children over 3 years old (children should be used under the guidance of their guardians)

Efficacy: antiseptic effect, moist beauty. With insecticidal effect, safe skin care. Reduce pruritus and remove insects. Dampness, dispel wind, kill insects. Clear heat and dampness, kill insects, relieve itching and prevent corrosion. Remove heat from the skin and moisturize it. Anti – inflammatory, anti – allergic effect, prevent lice infesting skin. Cool and relieve itching, and prevent lice insects. It also forms a protective film against lice biting the skin.

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