For healthy ovaries, women should know the truth!

Are you an angry person? Research shows that more and more gynecological diseases are caused by negative emotions.

That is to say, if the woman often has angry, be agitated, the mood such as anxiety, can affect interpersonal relation not only, still can get disease of department of gynaecology easily!

Here are three emotions that are particularly harmful to a woman’s vital reproductive organs.

  1. Anger hurts the uterus

Many times of anger in a short period of time may lead to the menstruation that should come on time does not come, or the ongoing menstruation suddenly stops. If often love temper, easy to cause long-term menstrual irregularities.

Chinese medicine believes that the uterus in the liver meridian, if there are often angry, irritable and other emotional changes, over time will lead to liver stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis, easy to give birth to uterine fibroids, so that the uterus is hurt.


When you want to get angry, use “joy” to resolve it, such as listening to crosstalk, watching a talk show, comedy, etc., to have a good laugh, to drive away the bad mood. In order to give the uterus the most comprehensive care, but also do a good job of daily care, Zimotang female antibacterial cream, prevention and treatment of vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation and other gynecological diseases, but also effectively shrink the vagina, nourish the ovary, light spots in the face, comprehensive care of women’s private health, let women glow from the inside out beautiful.

  1. Emotional suffocation hurts breasts

Studies have found that mental stress can cause changes in cells and breast tissue, and in particular suppressing anger and keeping it inside may increase the risk of breast enlargement or breast cancer.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, breast disease is related to emotion. Sulking hurt liver, liver qi easy stagnation and stasis, the formation of nodules, namely the hard lump on the breast. So, especially angry people prone to breast hyperplasia.


Learn to self-regulate emotions, usually can be appropriate to eat some liver soothing ingredients, such as rose tea, chrysanthemum tea, hawthorn, radish and so on.

In addition, at ordinary times can adhere to the regular use of essential oil massage on the chest, can have the effect of activating blood stasis.

  1. Chronic depression hurts the ovaries

Women’s endocrine system is most susceptible to emotional impact, such as mood unrest, long-term depression, etc., are easy to lead to endocrine disorders, female endocrine function decline.

Once endocrine appears a problem, ovary is the most direct victim, have the possibility of premature ovarian failure. Resemble infecund infertility, endometriosis additionally, menstruation is not moved, still have disease of a few mammary glands, be concerned with endocrine maladjustment.

In addition, the endocrine level caused by poor mood is not stable, but also may cause women’s facial spots precipitation and acne.


Appropriate venting emotions is very necessary, many women repeat monotonous things every day, all kinds of housework, bad mood if stuffy in the heart, depression into disease, good for the body.

If family and friends, especially men around, can be more understanding and caring, can help women to release depression.

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